This is Life

Yusuf Rasul

This is my life!
This life is mine!
My life is this!
We can change the word order, yet the meaning is one – Life!
Life is both in the word and in its meaning – Life!
Life is has a single meaning – Life!
Life is unshakable regularity!
No one can change the meaning of Life!
No one can change the flow of Life!
Life, Life is everywhere!
Life in alleyways, and in the whole world – Life!
The eternal circulation of the world constantly reminds you of the meaning of Life.
Everything, from small particles to giant planets, is in perpetual motion.
In the vast huge world the Human being, like a small particle, tries, through his actions, to convey the meaning of Life.
This particle is constantly in motion and in action. It means that it lives. It is life!
The cessation of motion is equal to cessation of Life!
A human with his body, his mind and will is in constant motion. The human body can stop moving but his mind, his inner world and his honour will never stop.
A human being can be killed, but it’s impossible to kill Life.
A human being may die, but his Life will continue living!